A Sample Of An Essay About Life

The fact that out of a considerable number of plants only one is able to maintain life adds a sense of sanctity and rarity to it. In general, the rarer a phenomenon is, the more likely it is to be more valuable. This essay focuses on trying to determine the crux of life itself.

For centuries now, scientists, psychologists and biologists have attempted to explain the purpose and meaning of human life. A consensus, however, is yet to be achieved. The exact origin of life remains uncertain and the purpose of our lives continue to be disputed. Beyond dispute, life is a blessing. There is beauty in strength and resilience which is perfectly embodied in a person’s life. Life requires you to have the courage to truly live and experience the wonders of another day. As clichéd as this may sound, it is absolutely true that an individual invariably learns something new every single o their life. This provides room for personal growth and development.

What is life?

On the outset it must be said that we may never be able to decipher the exact meaning of life in the foreseeable future. That being said, the speed with which technology and therefore the world around is changing allows us to have a better and clearer picture of where we stand and what exactly life is all about. The rapid changes in society directly affect our way of life and our attitude towards it. The answer to what exactly life is may also be heavily influenced by a person’s social back ground, religion and gender. Thus while it possible to write essay on the precise meaning of life, it is important to understand the basic; that everyone’s definition of life may vary because their social position and culture varies. In essence, life is whatever we make of it. There is no preset rule to it for it depends largely on your personal experiences.

Is it really a blessing?

Mystics, dreamers and idealists and people at large argue that life, it’s inherent beauty, and the endless joy that it fills everyone around it with, is indeed one of the greatest blessings. This simple process of growth brings life and jubilance and so it acts as a source of energy for those around it. This glorified picture of life is not always true, however. Sometimes it can be daunting and terrorizing. Victims of domestic violence or sufferers of serious mental illnesses such as depression and bulimia might feel that it is easier to end their life rather than to go through the daily struggles. It can therefore be argued that life is not always a blessing. It is, however, important to keep in mind that no matter what you are facing and regardless of how difficult it may seem to change your current situation, there will a better and brighter tomorrow. This is a promise that life makes to us because life is all about evolution. The crux of life is changing itself, change is inevitable. Be it slow or gradual or drastic or sudden. Henceforth whatever you are currently experiencing cannot possibly last forever. In essence, life’s precise meaning is unclear and depends on various factors. Life, for some, is full of wonder and awe but the true beauty of it lies in the struggles that you overcome for they are your true teachers.