A Well-Written Academic Essay About Drugs

Drugs, by definition, are administered to settle imbalances in hormones to cure or improve certain diseases. Aside from this medical purpose, drugs may also be used to induce certain pleasurable affects. If taken frequently and in excessive amounts, drugs can be addictive. This implies that its user would become dependent on it to fulfill his or her physical and emotional needs. Although there are certain drugs which are undoubtedly effective in dealing with certain ailments, if they are not administered properly or their quantity is more than or less than what is optimum, the patient may suffer. Thus doctors have to be very precise when giving dosages of drugs. Among the many menaces of increasing technology and the modern world are the use and abuse of drugs. These can have a harmful effect on not just the user but also the society as a whole.

The multiples uses of drugs have repeatedly been explored. Therefore the purpose of this essay writing is not to highlight its innumerable uses but is instead to focus upon its impact on the individual as well as society.

Addictive in nature

Drugs such as heroin, marijuana and weed are said to be highly addictive. Because of their addictive nature, the user may be unable to function without them and continue to increase his or her dosage of the drug. Increasing dependency may force the individual to act in a manner which is extremely detrimental and uncharacteristic. A highly successful individual, for example, may experience a dramatic downfall if addicted to drugs. They might not be able to focus on their work resulting in unemployment. Since they are addicted to the drug, they may be unable to improve their financial situation as organizations and companies are usually unwilling to hire people with a history of drug abuse. In this way, you can seek help with essay by being well aware of the vicious addictiveness which drugs tend to trap their users in.

Harmful to the individual

Generally speaking drugs are undesirable and are therefore unacceptable to society at large. They reflect poorly on a person’s personality and society therefore may form a negative impression of you. This may result in social exclusion and a lack of control over social resources. Furthermore over dose of drugs has a negative effect on a person’s health. They tend to directly affect the lungs, making a simple act of breathing extremely difficult. Heart, perhaps the most vital organ in human beings, is also left unsafe. Drugs tend to increase a person’s heart rate beyond the normal, average range. This could lead to increased blood pressure and even heart attacks which can be fatal. A deterioration of the users health also impacts their job and personal life. They may end up losing their job as well as their spouse and children. A drug user who is unable to provide for the family and is incapable of fulfilling their emotional and physical needs may eventually end up alone and isolated from the mainstream society.

Harmful to society

As the number of drug users increases, the burden on tax payers increases. This is because the number of rehabilitation centers have to be increased and their facilities improved and up graded. Since a larger chunk of the income goes away as taxes, people’s living standards fall leading to a decrease in the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). In addition to this, excessive usage of drugs makes the user lose his or her inhibitions. Since they are no longer in their sense, they may act in ways which they might later regret. Drug users are therefore more prone to making poorer choices such as engaging in domestic violence. This inevitably has a negative impact on children and the affected spouse.

In a nutshell, it can be said that although drugs can sometimes improve a person’s health, over dosage for a long period is harmful to both the individual and those around them.