Up-To-Date Essay Topics On Technology And Inventions

Due to the important role of technology and new inventions on modern life, students are commonly tasked with composing essays pertaining to such topics. As such, it is important to choose up-to-date topics on the matter when your teacher has not set you a definitive matter to write about. This article will provide you with a host of excellent essay topics you can use to compose your paper about.

Composing a Paper

Before we talk about some of the best topics to base your paper on, it is a good idea to go through the basics of paper writing so you know which topics to choose that will suit you best. You can always consult essay writing help services if you lack essay ideas

Firstly, the structure of your writing is extremely important. A good structure will aid your reader in following your ideas, which is extremely important as up-to-date technology and inventions can become complex and tricky to grasp as it is.

Due to this, the following is an excellent template to structure your writing around:

  • Introduction: the introduction will give some background about the technology topic you have chosen. Introduce some of the more important concepts that have led to the invention of the technology.
  • Main Body: This is the opportunity to talk about the technology and invention you have chosen in depth. You should make sure to introduce a plethora of sources and research material in this section of your work.
  • Conclusion: The concluding paragraph should go through the main aspects of the technology and invention you have talked about and the main consequences of it.


The most pertinent aspect of choosing a topic is to choose on that allows you to introduce and analyze a wide variety of research pertaining to the topic you have chosen. Thus, when discussing essay topic ideas, it is important to keep this point in mind.

Another aspect, when selecting your topic, which many students overlook is your own interest in regards to the topic. If you choose a topic that does not greatly interest you, then you will unlikely be able to get yourself motivated enough to produce a top quality of work that is needed to obtain a high mark for your work.

With this in mind, the following topics are some excellent essay writing ideas that will allow you to introduce a variety of research into your paper:

  • The impact of technological innovation on healthcare
  • The evolution of AI and the future consequences
  • How will automation affect the job market in the future
  • How does technology give rise to a more authoritarian style of government?
  • Do digital aid in making workers more productive at work?
  • Travel in the future
  • How can infertility technologies be regulated?
  • The ethical issues of genetic cloning
  • How has social media influenced communication in real life?
  • How has modern technology changed the way war is viewed?

These topics will all provide you with good essay writing prompts and allow you to explore a variety of different ideas during the course of your writing.

As you can see, there are a plethora of different topics to write about in technology and inventions, the best tip is to choose a topic you have a genuine interest in and can introduce and analyze many different pieces of research about.