An Excellent Sample Essay About Success

Everyone defines success in a different way. Some might say success is all about setting goals and working hard to achieve them. While others may define it as working hard to get respect and fame. These goals can be limited to learning something new or losing weight or achieving deadlines at work. Everyone may agree that there is only one path to success that is working hard towards your goal.

Understandably, people who are successful are admired and appreciated by society. At times their success stories are shared with public through mainstream and social media. These kinds of people are not present in abundance but it does not mean that they do not have to work hard to be successful or achieve goals. Apart from working hard it is also essential to remain consistent but most of the time people give up their goals and ambitions after a few attempts while others are not willing to work as hard it is required to achieve the goal.

Smart Work Or Hard Work

Some people say that one needs to work smartly rather than working hard. It the way to be successful for them although most of the successful individual disagrees with this way. Successful individuals narrate that they wanted to achieve their goals rather than pursuing just another project so they pushed themselves and worked hard. You may read lots of essays stating hard work is the key to success but these individuals have followed this rule to achieve their goals.

In order to be successful one should remain ready for setbacks and struggles especially in initial stages of the projects. For example people may think that they can easily lose weight in a few days but they may not see a lot or any difference in the first few weeks even if they are working hard, exercising and abstaining from unhealthy food. This is when unsuccessful individuals will give rather than working these setbacks as challenges as successful people do. It can be said that working hard is not as easy as defined in essays and may require a lot of patience as well.

Life Is Tough

Success and hard work go parallel because life is tough. It is not necessary that everything is served on a silver platter. It is essential to always keep trying and challenging yourself in order to be successful. When you set a goal you have to follow through. However, only a few hardworking individuals are able to successfully achieve their goals as there are challenges on every other turn.

People may write essays about success and goals but it is not as easy as it reads on paper. It requires proper planning and execution in order to ensure success. Even then there are unexpected setbacks but the key is to be consistent and keep trying and do not give up. So it is necessity to work hard in order to be successful because giving up is not the quality of successful people.