A Brief Example Of An Essay About Love

Love is perhaps the most common and powerful emotion known to man and it's a great topic for an essay. At a certain point in life, we come across a particular object or person that truly transforms are outlook towards life. This particular phenomenon allows us to see beauty in everything and everyone around us and thus we tend to transcend on another level. Contrary to popular belief, love is not synonymous with or at least in not limited just too physical attraction. It is, in fact, much bigger than that. The concept of love is such that it is larger than life itself. In essence, finesse and purity along with an unconditional devotion and commitment may be described as love. Love is a collective embodiment of humility, compassion, forgiveness, understanding and perhaps above all trust. Love has this magical affect in making you who you were always destined to be- you.

What is love?

On the outset it must be said that love can come in many different forms and at different stages of your life you fall in love with different things and individuals. The human need to love and be loved makes it imperative for us to settle upon a common definition of what love actually means to us. This, however, is virtually impossible. A young woman, for example, aspiring to break societal norms may fall in love with her career which seems to provide her with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Similarly, a young man may also find contentment and affection waiting for him once he enters home after a long, tiring day at work. Whatever the cause of your love may be, the affect is almost always the same; it acts as a driving, motivating force which pushes you to test the limits of your potential. It is a feeling so profound and strong that it constantly urges those affected by it to strive for something bigger, to be better human beings.

Patient, understanding and unconditional

It is possible to write essays on the numerous qualities that a person who claims to be in love with someone or something. That being said, there are some attributes which are more prevalent and prominent than others. Among these are patience, understanding and a mutual level of respect and trust. Without these basic foundations, love will eventually wither away and fail to survive. This also implies that it incumbent for you to respect and acknowledge the other persons comfort level. When you are able to fully trust those you claim to love, your relationship is bound to strengthen for you no longer impose unnecessary restrictions.


A relationship without forgiveness is a relationship which is void and does not classify as love. If you are unable to forgive those you claim to be your loved ones, the feelings that you have for that particular person might not be love at all. Love is not the same as dependency. You might be dependent on a lot of things which you don’t necessarily feel any affection towards.

In a nutshell it can be seen that loves manifests itself in different forms. However in order for any relationship to be fruitful and lasting it must contain elements of trust, forgiveness and understanding.