Four Great Rules To Help You With Essay Editing

Essay editing can be seen a huge chore to a large portion of students. After you have finished writing your work, the last thing you want to do is to go over it again and look for any mistakes you may have made. However, even though it seems dull and inconsequential, editing your essay is essential in attaining a high mark for your work. As such, we highly recommend that you apply these four great rules we will discuss, as they will immensely aid you with your editing. You can also try to find people who can write essays online .


The first, and very important, rule to follow as an essay editor is to have the adequate programs installed on the software you are writing on. There are many programs that will highlight any words you have misspelt or any sentences that you have incorrectly constructed.

These programs will greatly aid you in spotting your mistakes and they will also be giving you recommendations on how to make the changes on the mistakes you have made. A word of warning though is that you should not solely rely on this program to spot your mistakes for you, and you should still go through the rest of your work.


An important point to keep in mind, when editing your work, is to make sure that you are conveying the points you want to make very clearly to your reader. You need to analyze each sentence in your work. Think whether or not the phrases or words you use are necessary in advancing your argument.

Another thing to keep in mind is to make your work succinct. If you can make a point in one sentence instead of the four sentences you have used, then you need to make changes. If you have used 24 words to make a sentence where five will do then you need to go through your work and apply these changes throughout. What this does is that it makes your work easier to understand, as well as freeing up more words from your word limit to be used.

Unnecessary Jargon

A habit that many students adopt, when composing their papers, is to make use of unnecessarily complex vocabulary in an effort to sound sophisticated and as the authority on the subject they are writing on.

Following on from the previous principle of clarity, complex jargon only further makes your writing harder to decipher and for your reader to understand. If your ideas are good then you will not need to make use of ‘impressive’ language and, besides, using complex vocabulary will not help to cover for bad content.


The essay outline is extremely important in aiding the reader’s understanding of your work. The outline of your paper needs to be composed of a clear introduction, main body, where you present your main ideas, and a concluding paragraph.

Following these four editing rules will ensure that you edit your work well and accomplish the task of making your writing easier for your reader to understand.