Essay About Nature: A Good Example

Nature is perhaps one of the most wonderful blessings bestowed upon human beings. If well looked after and maintained, not only does it provide you with a cleaner, fresher and more productive environment but can also act as a real mood up lifter! It also provides a habitat for wildlife which in turn adds beauty to our lives. It is also believed that the more connected to nature people are, the stronger the level of their mental health will be. Thus in order to be at pace and ease with yourself and your current situation, it is absolutely imperative to engage with nature in some way. Nature allows you to understand your own insignificance to the world at large. Through nature, you learn to appreciate the little things in life which make life worth living.

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Be it the undeniably exquisite beauty of something as simple and small as an exotic bird or the truly magical and calming affect that a water fall can have on an individual, nature is at the heart of human life itself. In essence, nature deals with a broad spectrum of things ranging from delicate flowers to adorable animals to serene mountainous regions and turbulent seas. Because of the sheer variety in nature, it is possible for us, as mere human beings, to relate to it. An individual, who is at the peak of his or her career and is experiencing roaring successes repeatedly, might feel invincible and unstoppable just like the waves of a sea. In addition to this, by reconnecting with nature, we adopt a more natural and healthier life style. This benefits us in the long run by reducing the risks of diseases and stress.

Because we are able to relate with nature on so many different levels and in a plethora of ways, we tend to consciously or unconsciously admire and appreciate it. It also influences us. It is often argued, for example, that there is a direct correlation between weather and peoples moods. Negativity may slow down ones efficiency and thus make them a relatively less productive member of the family or corporation.

We do not have to look far to connect with nature. Our biological mothers personify all the characteristics of nature itself. They nurture you, provide for your needs and wants and, if and when necessary, discourage you from indulging in certain activities which would be detrimental to you as well society and nature as a whole. Nature therefore often guides our behavior and helps in shaping our personalities.

Beyond this, it is incumbent on us to preserve and protect the beauty around us. Nature, if left untended, can diminish and we would therefore be unable to rely on it for different uses. Thus acts like deforestation, excessive carbon emissions, water and land pollution, among other things, should be closely monitored, regulated and controlled.

Henceforth, it can be seen that we are engulfed in the beauty of nature which surrounds us. Nature tends to have a profound impact on our lifestyle ad is therefore worth preserving for our future generations to seek benefits from it