A Winning Sample Essay About Global Warming

Global warming refers to the phenomenon being observed over the past half century where scientists are recording a rapid increase in temperatures all over the world. The temperature has been increasing exponentially since 2000, and if nothing is done to control this, temperatures could rise by much as 10 degrees (Fahrenheit) by the year 3000.

This increase in temperature is being caused by human activity; where modern vehicles, machinery and lifestyles have led to a surge in carbon emissions and other pollutants that cause a greenhouse effect. Several research essays have investigated this effect, concluding that it has caused pollutants in the atmosphere to heat up, while forming a barrier that prevents the said heat from escaping the earth, resulting in global warming. Global warming may be one part of climatic change that is being caused by these pollutants; however, its effect on the environment is both immense and irreversible. This essay focuses on the effects that global warming that have become evident over the years.

Extreme weather conditions

The rise in global temperatures is, according to scientists, resulting in extreme weather conditions. Heat waves have become more common, droughts have become more frequent and both are shown to extend over longer periods of time. One example of this is California where the conditions of the drought in 2015 were recorded as the worst in over 1200 years.

Changing Sea levels

The water levels have been rising over the years, such that Maldives is expected to disappear from the world map in another decade. Similarly, the Tsunami’s that hit Asia as well as hurricanes, such as Sandy and Katrina, that have hit the US are becoming worse each year. This is because the rising sea levels and harsher weather is causing greater destruction. Today, oceans have become more acidic, due to the absorption of emissions, making survival of marine life critical.

Destruction of Habitats

The increase in floods and tropical storms has led to an increased number of habitats being destroyed. These habits include farms, fisheries and forests as well as coral reefs and alpine meadows. The animal’s migration patterns are changing with the fluctuating weather conditions. Although, if these animals do not adapt to the climatic changes quickly it could result in the extinction of many species. The effect of global warming has become particularly dangerous for polar bears as the ice caps are melting and they have nowhere else to go.

Dirtier air

As air pollution is increasing at an alarming rate in emerging countries such as India and China temperatures are predicted to accelerate. This means dirtier air, which will has had a significant effect on the health of humans. This is reflected in higher death rates and higher hospital occupancy rates; with more people suffering from allergies and cardiac illnesses.

It is no longer a question of whether global warming actually exists; there is enough evidence of this phenomenon to know not just of its existence, but also of it its impact on our lives and on the lives of other creatures. The question to be considered now is; What do we do stop this phenomenon to save our planet?